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About Us

Aug 2009


August 2009

Founder Tom Johnston was inspired to help those struggling in managing their careers by a sermon he heard in church. He decided to bring his recruiting and search expertise to members of his community.

Oct 2009

First Meeting

October 2009

Tom held the first MyHuntPath seminar in a meeting room at Fairmount Presbyterian Church. There, he realized he needed to teach all participants to act as their own headhunters.

Apr 2011

In The Incubator

April 2011

Tom’s growing meetings moved to the LaunchHouse, located in Shaker Heights, Ohio. In this business incubator, he was able to reach dozens of people of all different backgrounds and religious denominations.

Oct 2012

First Presentation

October 2012

The MyHuntPath team received a request to present at LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is when the idea of turning MyHuntPath into a viable business with a long reach was conceived.

Jun 2015

New Headquarters

June 2015

MyHuntPath’s headquarters moved to the IMG Building in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

Aug 2015

Website Launched

August 2015

Following a successful test product, the official MyHuntPath website was launched with a full online training module.


Our Story

People ask me all the time why I started working in career management and built MyHuntPath. Traditionally, recruiters (Headhunters) do not spend much time with people that they cannot get a fee for. In 2009, sitting in my parish, one Sunday, I heard a sermon that changed the course of my business. The minister talked about the idea of fulfilling your mission. She explained that each person should follow a personal mission, guided by personal interests and abilities. This sermon inspired me to volunteer one hour a week to counsel the unemployed in my congregation and local community.

Right in the heart of the recession, I only expected to see unemployed people at that first meeting. What I was shocked to discover though, was the large amount of people in the room that DID have a job. I met and heard the stories of students (at all levels), retirees, young veterans, ex-cons, moms wanting to return to the workforce, and a few wannabe entrepreneurs.

As I stood in front of the room trying to figure out how to help everyone, it hit me. I had to teach them all to become headhunters. I realized I only needed to teach everyone in the room to make one job placement, their own. The following week, we had many people return and gained some new faces. Everyone who followed the program started finding new opportunities and a better career path. We were teaching self-directed career management and it was working!

We eventually moved to a local business incubator and expanded the program to support up to 40 different religious congregations around the Cleveland area. Later, I began receiving dozens of requests to speak at different colleges and other organizations around the country. It made me realize that turning my techniques into a business would help it reach the wide-scale audience it was suited for and thus, MyHuntPath was born. Our pricing is $4.99 a month and I always joke that for the cost of a cup of coffee, you can take control of your career in one place (granted, I do drink a grande caramel macchiato).

Our approach is unique. In my opinion, the best people to go to for career management advice are the ones who do it for a living, the headhunters who bring companies and candidates together every day.

Some candidates may not be right for a search, but they are right for MyHuntPath, as our platform helps all job seekers no matter the age or field. I found the way to use my talents and fulfill my mission. And now, you can use MyHuntPath to fulfill yours (or your Buffalo as we like to call it, but you’ll find out more about that when you sign up).

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