Encore Career


First and foremost, congratulations. You have worked hard and made it to this point. Now you have reached the encore of your career journey. How do you want finish your career?

How MyHuntPath can help you finish your career journey

We can help you leverage existing connections, get a board member seat, or whatever position it may be that would be the cherry on top for your career.


I was approaching retirement and was not sure what my next steps would be.  A friend suggested I go through the MyHuntPath program.  At first, I was skeptical, I was at the end of my career, why should I take a course focused on career education and management?  Well, these classes are amazing.  MyHuntPath helped me define my goal, map out a plan for closing out my career and stepping into my next challenge, becoming a board member.  Even a tenured executive with 40+ years of experience can utilize the techniques MyHuntPath teaches to reach their goals.

-Martin C.